Writing in Flow Workshop - Feb. 24, 2019, 10:30am-1pm

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Writing in Flow Workshop - Feb. 24, 2019, 10:30am-1pm

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-Think about the next writing idea or creative endeavour that you are ready to deeply delve into. What is igniting a fire within you right now?

-Meditation cushion or mat

-Bring an open heart & an open mind

-Wear comfortable clothing

-Serve your body well with the sleep you need so that you are ready to be present


-Notebooks & Pens

-Beverages & Snacks

-Learning Materials & Worksheets

-Meditation Instructor

-Writing in Flow Leader


10:30 Welcome, Introduction, & Intention for the Day


10:35 Energetic Shifting

Awaken the energy of your purest creative potential

What is your truth?

You’ll discover the words that create the reality that is meant for you 

You will create a statement that propels you to embody your truest essence so that you can write & create from this place


11:10 Mindfulness Meditation

You will tap into the intentions of your soul, your highest self, in order to write in a present and peaceful state

11:30 Learning in Flow

We’ll set you up for optimal creativity, increased learning potential, and intense focus as we grab snacks & a beverage, get comfy, and prepare to learn in flow

We’ll delve into making choices with spiritual integrity, so that you can truly be the writer that you are

12:00 Writing in Flow Practices

Learn how to induce flow state, so that you can effectively write every day

You will discover & develop the daily practices that propel you to connect with yourself & write in flow


12:30 Intentional Creation

We’ll dive into a sacred scheduling practice

You will set an intention for your writing & begin creating the piece that speaks from your soul


1:00pm Writing with Freedom

You’ll leave with an awakened sense of creativity, optimized writing potential, & the understanding of how to write from an intentional way of being