1:1 Awakened writer’s mentorship

are you ready to reveal the powerful truth that exists within you?

are you ready to fully fulfill your life’s purpose?

It is time to rise into your life as a writer.

it is time to make the impact you were destined to make.

what is the awakened writer’s mentorship?

A 12-Week Program created to help you take your life + your writing to the next level

Designed around 4 pillars of experience, this mentorship bridges the gap between your current reality + where you are destined to be. It magnifies the impact you are intended to make.

Pristine, aligned writing allows you to connect with your audience in a powerful way, make a lasting impact on the world, + fulfill your life’s purpose.

Who was this experience created for?

This program is for high-level conscious creators like you who desire to:

● craft beautifully written words + clear messaging

● connect with your audience + readers in a potent, powerful way

● expand your consciousness + optimize all levels of your well-being

● hone in on your writing practice, setting it free to become a way of life

● master the art of truth telling + storytelling, empowering your words to soar


4-Pillar Design

Pillar 1: Align with the Intentions of Your Soul

Pillar 2: Fulfill Your Purpose + Callings – Honour The Written Word

Pillar 3: Optimize All Levels of Your Health, Well-being, + Consciousness

Pillar 4: Rise into Service through Oneness + Global Interconnectedness


What does this package include?


Package Deliverables

● 12 Weeks of 1:1 Mentorship

● 6 Tailored 1-Hour Video Calls

● 6 In-Depth Teachings

● Access to Ongoing Support & Guidance Via Voxer Voice App

Package Benefits

● Watch your connection, resonance, + impact flourish as you propel your written word to the next level

● Cultivate increased efficiency + certainty in your life + business as you awaken fully to the truth of what you are

● Experience increased creativity + confidence as you learn the process of integrating simple truth-telling within potent storytelling

● Honour all realms of your being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, & beyond – with an approach that sets your words free

● Powerfully bring your message to those you intend to serve, call your audience to action, + create change in the world


Meet Your Guide


Hi there! I’m Casey, and I’m so glad you’re here. I am the creator of The Awakened Writer’s Mentorship and the founder of Awakened Freedom.

I’m a creative nonfiction writer, speaker, and the editor of The Sask Press.

I help conscious creators just like you rise into your full potential as a writer.

Growing up, I was that girl with the backpack full of books, a spot as the yearbook editor, and the vice presidency of student council.

When I was twelve, I decided I would move to Saskatoon to attend the University of Saskatchewan after high school, and that’s where I earned degrees in pharmacy and physiology & pharmacology.

It was during my early university years that I realized my passion for writing. I found that being a writer was a central part of who I was; it was a mediation of my heart, my soul’s calling.

I went on to write for the university newspaper while I attended school. During this time, unexpected circumstances catalyzed the powerful unearthing of limiting narratives. I began to understand the importance of living a life aligned with faith and embedded in purpose. It was then that I realized how vital it was to bravely rise into the truest version of myself… so I continued to delve into the craft of writing.

My first professional experience in the field arrived in 2012, when I was hired as the editor, writer, and researcher for our local municipality’s history book. This opportunity presented one of the most fulfilling work experiences I’ve ever had.

In 2014, I took the leap and started my blog, Books & Bridges, which I used as a platform to begin sharing my voice - my words and my message. It is through this blog that I began sharing my take on the artistic pieces of work that touched my life.

Shortly after, I joined a writer’s collective and NaNoWriMo. This decision launched me into a life of inspiration; I began building the house (and the life!) of a writer.

I now hold the position of editor for a pharmacy newsletter, which was established in 2014. I am also the editor for an online magazine, The Sask Press, which I launched with a group of Saskatchewan-based writers in June of 2018.

My experience as a pharmacist has empowered me to develop a refined set of skills, which includes being able to support and establish rapport with individuals from all walks of life. My experience has allowed me to deeply connect and communicate with people from all over the world, which has proven to be incredibly valuable in the creation of targeted messaging.

Over the course of 2018, how I live my life completely transformed. I hired the mentors, attended events in other countries, joined masterminds, hosted workshops, amped-up my reading even more, listened to all the podcasts and audio books, and simply dove right in. Yes, it felt overwhelming at times… but it also created a bold perspective shift, spaciousness, and freedom I hadn’t fully known before.

Now I know that which I am. Now I know God’s love and the love of the Oneness of this Universe. My faith has deepened and expanded.

This all led to the launch of my writing business, Awakened Freedom Publishing, in September of 2018. It is through this business that the Awakened Freedom mission was born – to serve, transform, and empower others to create their own lives of freedom. 

I know your audience is waiting to receive your words, and I am here to guide you through this experience.

The question is: Are you ready to go where you’re destined to go?


Lisa Lukye - Editing Services.jpg
As a writer for The Sask Press, it is a pleasure to work with Casey. She tidies the work and helps to create a masterpiece, all the while keeping the essence of the writer’s personality and the story they wish to share with the reader.
— Lisa Lukye, Blogger at Poutine & Pinot Noir, on Working with Casey as her Editor
Anan - Editing Services.jpg
As the editor of my column for The Sask Press, Casey’s revision and editing processes streamlined my writing and allowed it to speak clearly to my audience.
— Anan Ahmed, Writer at The Sask Press, on Casey's Editing & Revision Processes
Thank you for creating this workshop and giving the space to all of us to dream, reflect and envision. I feel emboldened and inspired. Thank you again!
— Writing in Flow Workshop Attendee - February, 2019
Erin McCrea - Editing Services.jpg
Casey is the editor of my Mom Musings column for The Sask Press. She has gone through every piece I’ve written for her with an open mind and an open heart. I write my thoughts and feelings, and she makes it beautiful.

She helps my words flow. She helps me see things differently. Her changes are great, but she still leaves my words; she honours my voice.

I’ve really enjoyed the process with Casey. She makes it fun and easy. I have plans to use her editing services later for more of my creative writing processes.
— Erin McCrea, Writer at "Writing Momma Life", "The Sask Press", & “Mommy Connections Saskatoon"
It was so fulfilling! Thank you for putting in the time and effort for this. It was really well organized and the material was focused and well-intentioned. It provided a refresh for what I needed to do to re-align myself and step more fully into my flow state. I loved the meditation and the opportunities we had to share with others at the workshop.
— Writing in Flow Workshop Attendee - February, 2019
Casey takes a jumble of my emotions on the page and turns them into literary works of art.

I feel grateful when I see how she has taken subtle nuances that I wrote and showcased them beautifully in print. She still keeps the integrity of my written essay while fine tuning it with her craftsmanship.

Anyone would be blessed to use Casey’s services for their business. She is a gifted writer whose passion for the written word and attention to detail would make anyone’s writing shine.
— Jeanine Lebsack, Co-author of "Lose the Cape", Blogger at "The Wellness Universe", & Writer at "The Sask Press"