The Details

Copy Editing & Proofreading Package

This package polishes your writing, ensuring the creation of a pristine final draft.


  • amendment of missing, duplicate, and redundant words

  • correction of errors in spelling, word usage, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation

  • improvement of syntax, individual sentence structure, and paragraph flow

  • flagging of typographical and formatting irregularities

  • ensuring the material is clear, consistent, and correct

revision Package

Using a distinctively soulful approach, this package empowers your work to flow while maintaining the integrity of your writing voice.


Includes all items offered through the copy editing and proofreading package, PLUS:

  • deep rewriting and revising process focused on strengthening your message

  • reconstruction of your work to create an organized and enticing communication structure

  • evaluation of thesis and clarification of intended message

  • improvement of style and flow of the work as a whole

  • creation of a polished and attractive final piece of writing



lisa Lukye

blogger at “Poutine & Pinot Noir,” & writer at “The Sask Press”

As a writer, it is a pleasure to work with Casey. She tidies the work and helps to create a masterpiece, all the while keeping the essence of the writer’s personality and the story they wish to share with the reader.

I'm excited to have her work as the editor on Poutine and Pinot Noir.

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Erin McCrea

writer at “Writing Momma Life,” “The Sask Press,” & “Mommy Connections Saskatoon”

Casey is the editor of my Mom Musings column for The Sask Press. She has gone through every piece I’ve written for her with an open mind and an open heart. I write my thoughts and feelings, and she makes it beautiful.

My writing, for the most part, is raw. I write from the heart, and I don’t think as much as I probably should about whether or not my sentences make sense or look good. She helps my words flow. She helps me see things differently. Her changes are great, but she still leaves my words; she honours my voice.

While reading her revisions, edits, and suggestions, I know that the important feelings and thoughts are still there. Throughout her process, she also comments on the parts that she enjoys and the parts that make her laugh.

I’ve really enjoyed the process with Casey, as I’ve never really had editors before. She makes it fun and easy. I have plans to use her editing services later for more of my creative writing processes.

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As the editor of my column for The Sask Press, Casey's revision and editing processes streamlined my writing and allowed it to speak clearly to my audience. She gave me the opportunity to write about a topic that affected me and taught me some life-long lessons about self-care. I was very happy to be able to share my experiences with fellow health professionals and anyone else who perhaps isn't taking good care of him/herself as they should.

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Jeanine Lebsack

co-author of “lose the cape,” blogger at “The wellness universe,” & writer at “The Sask Press”

I first started working with Casey in June 2018 when she launched the online magazine, The Sask Press. I was blessed enough to be asked to be a contributor and to be featured as a writer.

I tend to write from my heart in a free-flow manner, followed by editing after I’ve poured out my words. Casey takes a jumble of my emotions on the page and turns them into literary works of art.

I feel grateful when I see how she has taken subtle nuances that I wrote and showcased them beautifully in print. She still keeps the integrity of my written essay while fine tuning it with her craftsmanship.

Anyone would be blessed to use Casey’s editing and copywriting services for their business. She is a gifted writer whose passion for the written word and attention to detail would make anyone’s writing shine.

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