Creating a Life of Freedom - Starting from Where I Am

As I write today, and on most days, I am taking action before I convince myself to do otherwise.   

And so in having the courage to take the first step, I am starting from where I am and just doing the next right thing – living one moment at a time, appreciating each experience like a hummingbird appreciates the abundance of nectar available from a freshly-filled feeder.

The first time I encountered this concept (of “just doing the next right thing”), I was unaware of its origin; I did not know that this notion had stood tall as a staple in recovery and support groups for many years. But what I did recognize was its relevance and ability to be applied to all areas of my life.

When I find myself partially paralyzed or even stagnant, I focus on just taking that next step, breathing in that next breath, and doing the next right thing. By taking the time to reconnect with myself and letting my soul take the lead, I am able to make the best decision for that moment. It’s incredible how those seemingly insignificant moments of doing the next right thing join together to create my day.

Living one day at a time allows me to focus on making the best out of the moments that are right in front of me. Those days add up over time; before I know it, I am building a life.