Creating a Life of Freedom - Don't Wait for Permission

Sometimes we just get stuck in a rut. It might seem like we’re living, but when we take a hard look at the situation, we’re really just waiting for something. And while we’re so busy simply existing in this odd, limbo-esque state, we’re waiting for permission.

Maybe we’re waiting for permission to be who we are or maybe we’re waiting for someone or something else to tell us it’s ok to live the life we know is truly meant for us. But the tricky thing is that permission is never going to come from some external source anyways; it needs to come from within.

Even if an outside source motivates you, inspires you, or supports you to chase your dreams or to go after everything you’ve ever wanted, you still need to make that choice on your own. In fact, I think it’s your responsibility to step up and make that choice – to be who you are meant to be, to live how you are meant to live, to create what you are meant to create, to make the difference you are meant to make, and to be the best damn version of yourself right now… not in five years when someone else tells you are good enough to be you.

Maybe we think it takes a radical step forward to create a change, but, in actuality, it takes small, daily steps toward living out our best, truest lives.

What if you take the first step in becoming the fuller, truer version of yourself right freaking now?