Creating a Life of Freedom - Listen to Your Gut

Your intuition is there for a reason. There are moments it presents itself as quietly as a gentle whisper, while other times it speaks as loud as a raging storm.

For me, my intuition is strongly connected to my faith – an internal guiding force leading me through life. It’s my soul’s way of telling me what to do next in order to live my life in the truest of ways.

But sometimes it’s difficult to listen to your gut, even when you know you should. Sometimes the decisions you know you need to make don’t seem to be the logical ones.  

Following your internal whisper may take several attempts (and I mean, it can take years) to figure out. But I know that when we feel lost, more often than not, it is because we need to slow ourselves down and just listen – listen to what the universe is telling us through ourselves. If this sounds like an outlandish concept to you, you might want to just move on… but I promise that it’s absolutely true for most of us. Let your inner guide lead the way, and you will discover and create a life filled to the brim with light.

When we realize the reason we may not be seeing the results we want in life is because we’re not actually listening, it’s a bit of a bitter pill to swallow.

Sometimes not listening to our gut actually teaches us to listen to our gut. If we stray from what our intuition is telling us, we can end up with a fucking disaster of a situation, and what better way to teach us to listen than to screw up royally? We might also end up in a good place, while still knowing that we should follow our internal compass next time. And that’s really the point: getting better over time – some may say wiser with age… or definitely wiser with experience.

I’m not talking about avoiding being uncomfortable; sometimes making yourself uncomfortable is exactly what you need to do. Maybe the uncomfortable thing is the thing your gut is telling you to do, which is why we often choose to ignore it. But sometimes you need to step up and do it in order to get to the other side, to take a step towards growth, and to become a truer version of you.

It’s actually pretty simple: just listen to your gut, young buck, and you will be rewarded with inner peace along the way.