An Exploration of the Ambrosial Hours

Photo Credit: @niiloi from unsplash

In some spiritual and meditation practices, it is believed that there are two and half hours before the sun rises when the early morning light carries immense amounts of information for nourishing life. These hours are known as the Ambrosial Hours.

While I’m not certain what is going on scientifically, spiritually, or energetically at these hours, I do hold a great appreciation for them. So, what better to do than explore this mystical time?

It has been said that the Ambrosial Hours bring meaning to life in a way that the other hours cannot. It is in this time when one can most often access their flow state, their true creative spirit. It is in these hours that masterpieces are born.

I don’t always enjoy waking up at the crack of dawn (particularly in the cold winter months when I’d rather curl up in bed with my wool socks and flannel pyjamas until the sun rises), but I do feel the pull of the early morning hours. They beckon me to come alive, to create with them. Even when I step outside, I feel the peace of the earth at this time. I feel the calm of the air – the air which hasn’t yet been breathed in by others.

So, not always, but often, I choose to dance with the Ambrosial Hours. It is in them that I write from a place of calm. I meditate and pray from a place of clarity. I am me from a place of peace.