You Were Exactly Where You Needed to Be

 Saturday, July 13, 2019 9:14pm

I own an unnecessary amount of gardening gloves, yet I still end up picking the weeds with my bare hands. I think it’s a natural tendency, more than anything. I crave getting my fingers in the soil, dirtying my palms, becoming one with Mother Earth. I feel whole, rooted, anchored in the dirt.

It is in these unassuming moments that I am reminded I am cared for and supported by a force much greater than myself – not one separate from me, but one that created me. No, I’m not my goofy, smiley self in these moments in the soil, but I do not feel alone. I feel whole.

You see, I’m never alone; I’m always a part of the Love of All That Is. I was created in a divine image, as we all were. Sometimes, as we co-create these beautiful lives of freedom, we are taken down back roads – valleys even – that show us the way back home somehow. Like shimmering guiding posts in the fog, they allow us to see another side of beauty – the wholeness of our entire human experience.

I can attest to the challenge that lies within this journey – this exploration of detaching from our preference for the fun and exciting over the discomforting and seemingly unclear mysteries of life. I think, at least at times, we get glimpses of the longing to simply Be. The truth is, however, that we are always capable of embodying this sincere state of being. In fact, it’s what we always are.

Then, perhaps unexpectedly, somewhere during the journey through the fog we are shaped, shifted, and moved. This is where we get to be stripped down, vulnerable, beautiful, and whole.

Once we embrace the most natural, unadulterated version of ourselves, we are liberated. We get to live through the essence of joy. We get to spread the light so that others can too.

So, it becomes clear that it is through the journeying of the valleys and the thickest forests that we can truly appreciate the views from the peak. After twenty-nine years on this planet, I have come to love this, delight in this, even seek out this ride. Once you learn to bend with those waves – ahh, there is truly nothing as delicious as that taste of freedom.

In the end, well, it all becomes crystal clear that we were always home after all. We were always exactly where we needed to be.

Have a beautiful night,


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