The Moment You Realize Your Parents Knew All Along

Ok, perhaps that title sounds like it was merely crafted in the spirit of clickbait, but it wasn’t.

I had a moment last night as I was driving down the Number 11 on my way home from the city. My parents were on Bluetooth, as they often are when I’m venturing anywhere of distance.

We were talking about the usual suspects – expansion of consciousness, alignment with inner purpose, and, last but certainly not least, the Toronto Raptors. It would be an understatement to say my mom’s obsession with basketball has influenced my dad “a little” throughout their marriage; they are, without question, die-hard fans of the Raptors.

I was tired and, yet, I continued to yammer on as I tend to do with my parents – freely sharing the details of my experience in prayer this morning while simultaneously eating a can of tuna bathed in olive oil.

At this point, I’m sure you’re thinking I am the world’s most unconscious driver, selfish even, as I had people on Bluetooth and chose to navigate a can of tuna. But fear not. I opened the tiny can before I started the vehicle. Hmmm. I’m realizing that doesn’t actually excuse my behaviour. I commit to that being the last can of tuna I ever eat while driving. In fact, I don’t think I’ll eat anything while driving again. Distracted driving is not worth the risk.

Now that I’ve learned that lesson, I’ll get back to my story…

I was sharing some pretty deep shit with my parents. Now, this fact itself is nothing new; we explore all topics in all ranges almost every day, even chitchatting about things we may be ignorant about as we yearn to help each other learn and grow.

It was then that my dad launched into a powerful speech about how we’ve all been gifted a consciousness of unlimited potential, casually pointing out that every single one of us (especially those granted the privileges throughout our society) can choose to open up – awaken, align, grow, expand, learn, become – to All that we have access to in this lifetime.

His speech, however casually presented, completely caught me off guard. While I know what he was saying to be true, I did not realize that he has always known this. I feel as if this is one of the essential pieces of wisdom that parents should pass on to their children. You know… along with “Check both ways before crossing the street” and “You can accomplish anything you set out to do.”

Maybe all parents should throw in the odd “You are divinely supported at all times and have access to an unlimited span of consciousness if you so choose.”

Now don’t get me wrong, my parents instilled an unwavering sense of faith in me. They raised me to be open and welcoming of all. They demonstrated what in means to trust in God’s plan. They embodied aligned action, showing me what it means to co-create a life you feel called to create. They raised me to know the truth within unconditional love. All I’m saying is that it would be helpful to shed further light on what living with faith means – to expand our connection with it all.

Yes, I’ve always carried these inner knowings with me, but completely waking up to them and intellectualizing these mind-blowing, universal understandings takes some serious life experience. Our parents could save us all a little time here.

After my dad said his quick piece, I shut up for a moment and simply thought to myself, “So here I am, twenty-nine years into this beautiful life, and I clearly see that the truths of the universe live within each and every one of us. These eternal truths have always been available to us. In essence, they live within All That Is.”

I mean I have always known this… but it really hit me in the face today. I’ve been preaching this to whomever will listen to me for a few years now, but… like… it’s not just some fancy dancy spiritual lingo we throw around in our Instagram captions.

The Truth is available to us all. We simply have to choose it. Faith. God. Source Energy. Spirit. The Energy of All That Is. Our guidance…the intentions of our soul… our deepest callings… our inner knowings… unconditional Love… our interconnectedness… our wholeness… our abundance… our journey through fear… the alignment of our egos… our light…

Our Oneness.

All of it – whether known through the depths of religion or Mother Earth or communion or connection or conversation or prayer or meditation or spiritual practice or mourning or creativity or simple silence – is available to us.

These are things we all can choose to remember. And, as it turns out, I’m realizing we all actually do.

All the Love,