3 Essential Aspects of Truth-Telling

You see, there are three facets to telling the truth.

In the depths of our hearts, we know only Truth feels like Truth.

You Know what it is when you hear it… see it… speak of it.

In its purity, nothing is more magnetizing... more eye-catching... more attention-grabbing.

It Reverberates Through Your Entire Being For 3 Reasons:

1) The Truth is a Revelation
➝We recognize it because we hold it within us. Perhaps it feels like we find it, discover it, and, in a way, that is the case... but it has always been available to us. It is a remembrance.
➝You have to listen to your internal guidance system to discern what is truth + what is not.

2) The Truth Requires Embodiment
➝You must live + be truth to speak truth. You must honour all levels of your being in order to bring the truth to others – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, + beyond. This one can be challenging, but nothing is more vital to Truth-Telling.

3) The Truth Needs Space to Breathe
➝It does not force, lead with anxiety, or put additional pressure on the situation. The truth holds space for ourselves + space for others. The truth allows for freedom + breath + discernment.

As we utilize our words, our connections, and our communities to co-create this new earth together, let us use Truth-Telling as our guide.

For it is the only way.


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