Awakening to the Truth of Who You Are

Image By: Carey Shaw

Image By: Carey Shaw

“Who am I?”

We often ask these types of questions from a contemplative state, perhaps seeking to illuminate insight into our personalities, who we are choosing to be in the world, or the archetypes that feel most in resonance with us. But the truth is that our essence – the core of what we are (whether we call that our souls, truth, or spirit) – is what we actually are.

Over the past couple of years, many of my close friends have noted that I have evolved, blossomed, expanded… even changed. Many have celebrated me. Other old pals I now rarely see, while new soul bonds have emerged.

What I have realized is that receiving these words has shined a light on an incredible understanding: I have simply been rising into the full power and unlimited potential that has always been available – to me, to you, to us.

The first time I heard someone note that I had changed quite a bit, I felt a twinge within me; my personality appeared curious, even annoyed (as I don’t fully live through neutrality), but the truth is that I have always known that I am of pure essence. I simply wasn’t awake to it yet.

The true me has not changed – it is as it has always been. What has expanded and evolved is the representation of who I am choosing to be in the world. This fire – this truth – has always been of me.

Interestingly enough, my parents have not noted that I have changed. They have always known this fire – this conscious leader archetype – that I am now more fully embodying. The only difference is that the ‘little old me’ in the world is awake.

I See what I Am. I Know what you Are. I Know the thread that is the Truth – the Love that is of creation. I feel the Spirit that runs through All That Is. I aim to live in continual devotion, while delighting in the wholeness of this human experience. There is indeed sacredness within every spec.

No, I am not a Buddhist monk; I am a whole being of Light, just as you are. What we have deemed as form, as body and matter, is simply the dream we have all agreed upon here. It is the experience we are choosing to dance with.

You see, the Love that is of our creation – God, Spirit, Source – has not evolved, blossomed, nor changed. It has always been.

And, so, it is clear to me that the world is waking up at warp speed. We can choose to support our ‘spiritual evolution,’ the awakening process… or we can choose to remain asleep.