Awakened Freedom

Revealing Unconditional Love & Freedom Across the Globe


To empower conscious leaders to align their mind + body with their truest essence so they can cultivate a life of unwavering confidence + flow.

Alignment, embodiment, + self-mastery propel you to own your true power, rise into your full potential, & fulfill your life’s purpose.


To create a ripple effect of freedom across the globe.

When you awaken to your wholeness & co-create a life aligned with your truth, you empower others to do the same.














what we do


Awakened Freedom helps you to to align your mindset, physicality, + emotionality with your truest essence so you can cultivate a life of unwavering confidence + flow.

Awaken your truth within, take your life to the next level, optimize your creativity, + rise into your highest potential.

a deeper look at the values within awakened freedom


1) alignment with your truest essence

When you rise into your full personal potential, honour your callings here on earth, & align with your truth, you create your own life of freedom. By following the whispers of your soul – your internal guidance system – you empower those around you to do the same.

When you choose to live through truth, trust, and purpose, you create a ripple effect of freedom across the globe. Every single one of us is here to make a distinctive impact; as you embrace this, you reveal the Love that is available to us all in every present moment.

2) rising into your magnetic potential

As you rise into your fullest expression, you reveal a life of unlimited potential, cultivate unwavering confidence, & begin to radiate an undeniably magnetic power.

Beautifully crafted words and connection – whether written or spoken – have the ability to change lives. As you contemplate the power of the written word intimately, it is clear that the vibrancy offered through language lies within the frequency exchange.

Powerful written content allows each and everyone of us to serve the people we are meant to serve. Aligned messaging propels us to make the impact we were created to make.

When we create platforms for others to share their stories, we empower them to spread their individual message and fulfill a part of their purpose here on earth. We contribute to the freedom of the planet.

3) physical embodiment of consciousness

It is essential to honour the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual aspects of your life, as they are ultimately all one. When you honour all levels of your being and body – when you make choices that are in attuned and aligned with the highest good – you are able to reveal and be who you truly are; you are able to experience freedom & unconditional Love in a way you may have never imagined possible before.

You can, in fact, embody your truest essence in every present moment, harness your unlimited potential, & embrace abundance. When you make empowering choices for your physical body, you create a life that honours your wholeness – a life of clarity, purpose, and freedom.

4) oneness + Global interConnection

We each feel called towards specific causes and issues for a reason. When we each step up to make our intended impact on the world, we contribute to the inter-connectedness and oneness of the planet.

Follow what calls you. Follow what ignites a fire within you. Spread your message. Do what you know in your heart you are here to do. Stay open, continue growing, & be willing to work together. We are all one.