Awakened Freedom

Alignment, Oneness, & Truth for the Planet

Unconditional Love Across A New Earth


To empower you to create a life of freedom

I help conscious creators craft beautifully written words and clear messaging.

Pristine, aligned writing allows you to speak to your audience in a powerful way, make the impact you were destined to make, and fulfill your life’s purpose.


To empower millions of people to fulfill their life’s purpose, creating a ripple effect of freedom across the globe

When you live a life that is aligned with your truth, you empower others to do the same.






what we do

Awakened Freedom helps conscious creators just like you rise into your full potential.

Let’s awaken your truth within, align with the intentions of your soul, optimize your life, and fulfill your life’s purpose.

guiding principle

“Words are things – I’m convinced.” This Maya Angelou quote has served as the guiding principle throughout my career and throughout my life. To me, it serves as a simple reminder that our words – whether expressed through written, verbal, or other forms of communication – carry energy and the potential to have immense impact. 

As a writer, I respect the power of words. They have the ability to stimulate critical thought, ignite conversation, transform ideas, and make a difference in our communities. When used with integrity, they can bring the facts to the forefront and connect people from all walks of life. To me, this aligns with the values of good journalism and good writing.

a deeper look at the values within awakened freedom


1) Faith + aligning with the Intentions of Our Souls

When we each honour our purpose and callings here on earth, we create our own lives of freedom. By following the whispers of our soul - our internal guidance system - and living out our truth, we empower those around us to do the same. When we each uphold our responsibility to live through truth, faith, and purpose, we create a ripple effect of freedom across the globe. Every single one of us is here to make a distinctive impact; we are all here to contribute to the creation of a new earth.

2) The Written Word

I believe that beautifully written words (whether spoken or read) hold the power to change lives. Powerful written content allows each of us to help the people we are meant to help. Aligned messaging propels us to make the impact we were created to make.

When we create platforms for others to share their stories, we empower them to spread their individual message and fulfill a part of their purpose here on earth. We contribute to the freedom of the planet.

3) All Levels of Health + Wellbeing

I believe that our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health are all one. When we honour our bodies from head to toe – when we fulfill our emotional, spiritual, and physiological needs – we our able to reveal and be who we truly are. When we are healthy, we can create a life of wholeness – a life of clarity, purpose, and freedom.

4) Journalism + Global interConnection

We all feel interested in or called towards specific causes and issues for a reason. When we each step up to make our intended impact on the world, we contribute to the interconnectedness and oneness of the planet.

Follow what calls you. Follow what ignites a fire within you. Spread your message. Do what you know in your heart you are here to do. Stay open, continue growing, and work together. We are all one.

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