Let Your Words Speak Only Truth - A Message From An Ex Sorry-Oholic

I used to say “sorry” like the word was going out of style. I used it so often that it was as if I could only use it for one more day.

I apologized for my physical presence; for speaking my truth; for bringing my ideas to the table; and for being too powerful, too intelligent, and too kind.

It seemed as though I was apologizing for existing.

Some people seemed to draw it out of me more than others – as if the word meant nothing at all.

But it did.

What it signified was that I wasn’t fully respecting who or what I was.

But now I do… in every moment.

I’ve always known what I am. I am love. I am a Child of God – a Child of the Universe. I was created in the most divine image. I am powerful beyond measure. I am truth. I am wisdom. I am grace.

And so are you.

I am enough. We are enough. You are enough.

So let’s start a new trend this Christmas season; let’s forgo using “sorry” and replace it with empowering, beautiful words that align with our truths.

Let’s say “thank you.” Let’s say “hope.” Let’s say “love.”

Let’s enable our words to hold strength, integrity, and dignity.

In the end, I suppose I was right – “sorry” was going out of style. Frivolously allowing the word to leave my lips had a limited shelf life. When I use it now, you better believe it holds meaning.