new year

I’m Not Setting Goals This Year


I’ve decided not to set goals for 2019… well, not exactly anyways.

Establishing goals for the new year can be exciting, motivating, and a great way to create clarity around the action steps an individual needs to take in order to fulfill a dream or objective. But when they are set too precisely, they can be restrictive. The headstrong nature of many goals can hold us back from bending with the waves of life and stepping into our fullest creative potential along the journey. This can actually limit what we do, reveal, and become if we’re unwilling to deviate from the path when our gut instincts tell us to.

As someone who once identified as A-Type, I learned early on that we don’t always have to be in a constant state of elevation and prosper. There’s a fine line between always becoming closer to that which we are meant to be (doing our best to align with our soul and fulfill our purpose throughout this beautiful life) and participating in an addiction of achievement and acquisition that feeds the ego. With that in mind, setting goals does not always leave a lot of room to listen to one’s Self; sometimes they don’t leave enough space for freedom.

Aligned action is essential, but strict planning way in advance is not always helpful or completed in love. There needs to be room for fluidity and truth, with internal knowings leading the way beside the dedication.

So what is it that I will be embracing on January 1st? Intention led by word and embodiment. In the past couple of years, I have found that setting intentions with this essence of expansion has allowed me to flourish in both being and doing. Setting intentions propels me to align with the truth and align with my soul.

And I suppose, in a way, taking aligned action ignited by my intuition is my goal for this new year.