7 Ways You Can Release Resistance & Align With the Intentions of Your Soul

Resistance can present itself in many forms: self-limiting beliefs, judgement of yourself and others, refusing opportunities, believing you are unworthy, or uncomfortability as you create more beauty, more love, and more joy in your life.

1) Firstly, be willing to let go of your fears. Be willing to dive deep to discover what restrictive untruths, assumptions, and ego-based stories have been holding you back. Courageously take on healing these falsities, and gently let them go as you choose a path of light and love. The beliefs you hold that tell you that you are not worthy, not intelligent, not good, not enough, and not love are false. These beliefs may have stemmed from something someone told you when you were young or how you were made to feel in elementary school or at your first job or as a kid or whatever. You no longer belong to these self-limiting beliefs, and they never belonged to you. They do not serve you. They do not serve others. They keep you from fulfilling the purpose that was placed on your soul, from stepping into your best destiny, and from serving the world.

2) Next, release victim mentality. Throw guilt, shame, and resentment out the window with it. Be willing to realize that you hold the power to create your life of freedom. You are co-creating your life with the universe. Choose to fuel your thoughts, your words, and your decisions with purpose, action, and love. Let go of the fear that another individual or circumstance holds power over you. Let it pass through you – say hello to it, acknowledge it, and then move forward with a presence of trust instead.

3) Take back the control that your ego has demanded. Your ego is beautiful and purposeful, but it does not run the show. Once we are able to see that there may be a difference between our personalities (who we are being in the world/who we are presenting ourselves to be) and who we truly are (our truest essence), then we can allow ourselves to step more fully into our truths and realign with the intentions of our souls. We can begin to merge our ego with our true being. As you practise releasing this particular resistance to alignment, your comeback rate from inauthentic living to peacefulness and flow shortens in a miraculous way.

4) Choose to be your truth in every moment by allowing yourself to feel and letting the energy of each experience flow freely through you. It will take time and daily dedication to grow into that which you are meant to be. As hard as it may be, begin practising detachment from the encounters you tend to block and keep within you. Storing resentments only makes it more difficult for you to let them go in the future. Be willing to heal straightaway. Be willing to forgive yourself and others always.

5) Let go of your death grip on judgment: release the judgements of yourself, of others, and, heck, even release the judgements you make of your judgements. Let it all flow. Observe your thought patterns, and make a commitment to change – to become truer. Many of us feel resistant to change – it requires us to be still and allow our souls to lead the way. It also forces us to let go of previously-formed definitions, ways of thinking, old action patterns, and sometimes even people who are no longer in alignment with us.

6) Shift your perspective to understand that people who strive to hurt other people are already hurting, and their ill intent directed towards others also ends up hurting themselves. It’s a cycle. They were hurting before they lashed out at you, and they are hurting even more after they do it. Set yourself free from this cycle by demonstrating compassion, empathy, and love always.

7) When someone is hurting you, demonstrate self-respect and dedication to the truth. Do your best, and respect yourself enough to make room to observe the situation before responding. You do not have to jump on a whim because someone else demands this of you. Show compassion, and bring light, even if it is towards someone completely outside of the situation. Sometimes we don’t get a chance to bring light to the person who is attempting to belittle, embarrass, harass, abuse, or neglect someone else, but remember that we are all part of the same Oneness.

Bringing light in times of darkness attracts more light. When you show up in all your true glory, you can change your world and the world around you. You are the light, beautiful reader. Know this. Believe this. Feel this. There is light within everyone.