Is Your Dog Smarter Than You?


My brain was as foggy as the thick veil in front of the moon tonight.

The dogs decided they better take me for a walk, with the weather above zero not something I’d want to miss. They were right – I did enjoy the fresh air and appreciated how the breeze gently brought a rose to my cheeks.

As we trotted on, I kept thinking that perhaps we should just turn around and go home, but they seemed to know better. They kept pulling; it annoyed me, but finally I surrendered. Apparently that was the point… because as soon as I released my expectations for this walk – for this day – to go a certain way, it then began to be what it was meant to be.

Upon my full surrender, the dogs relinquished control, and we calmly sauntered back home together. Acey kept looking up at me with a big smile, satisfied with what he had taught me. I chuckled to myself as I imagined his doggo thoughts, “Silly Mom. Life’s simple, really.”


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