I Get To


In the evenings this week, I have been ecstatically returning home with high expectations of what I can accomplish. Feed the fur fam, walk the dogs, clean the house, run errands, edit and post a piece for The Sask Press, work on the upcoming workshop for my writing business, answer e-mails and messages, connect with my loved ones, craft a newsletter or Instagram post, catch up with laundry, pack before the weekend, wrap Christmas gifts (side note: those of you who receive cards or presents from me through the mail already know that they may arrive anywhere between December 1st and Jan. 15th – time is an illusion anyways), dance around, and last but not least – write this short blog.

Now, the way I listed those few things might have given you the impression that they are stressing me out or overwhelming me… but here’s the truth: They are not. I definitely don’t always cram every minute of my days with things to do, but this week I have, and I feel freaking blessed to be able to have such a beautiful life where I get to freely be me – freely live without worry or fear, freely express emotion and joy, freely return to our home each evening.

You know what else is cool? Getting to deal with psychopath patients through the health care system.

Now, I understand that statement might sound a tad dramatic; that’s because it was, but I wasn’t entirely exaggerating there. I am learning to appreciate my encounters with patients who demonstrated narcissistic, sociopathic, and other instabilities because it allows me to fully appreciate the beautiful life and experiences that I GET TO have because I am healthy. I get to experience emotion in a dynamic way. I GET TO empathically care for and connect with others. I GET TO be me, and oh how beautiful a gift that is.

I might not be a pharmacist forever, but I will always be able to look back and have gratitude for the gifts the profession has given me. For that – and for everything – I am grateful.


Coming Home

Good morning, Beautiful Souls

This morning I sit after a gorgeous meditation practice that reminded me exactly of that which I am, a gentle twenty minutes that brought me home. It is within this time that I revealed completely the beautiful child that I am – the love that I am.

As I sit and write, a shred of ego desires to creep in to cover the vulnerability of my words, to veil the innermost of my being. It longs for me to restructure my sentences, to follow the rules. My inner child knows not to follow such rules this morning. In fact, the moment she knew the rules came so naturally to her was the same moment she decided not to follow them… not entirely anyways.

My hope for you this morning is that you allow yourself to reconnect with her – your inner one.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Let her be. Let her play. Take her hand, and let things be done her way. See that she is all that you truly are. For she is home.


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Would You Embrace Spiritual Integrity?

This morning I feel vibrant. Knowing that I have given myself permission to post daily content has set me free in a new way. I suppose I have done this before (well, kind of), where I’ve posted daily blogs without editing them in great detail beforehand. And so it will be what it will be.

I feel the nerves in my belly well up in an excited way. I can only assume it is similar to what a speaker experiences before they step on stage in front of a grand audience or even an intimate one (as many do to perform their TED Talks). It doesn’t seem to matter whether one or many read my work; it excites me.

So here’s the thing: I’m now calling those nerves I breathe through “excitement.” I predicted that by renaming these butterflies it would allow me to tap into my flow state even further. I can feel I am in flow. I am clear. I am calm. I am wide awake on this Tuesday morning, but there seems to be a tad bit of negotiation occurring between my heart and my head. My heart yearns to be set free – to take the wheel as I always allow it to… but my mind wants in the game. I suppose they can be coworkers today.

Now that we’ve settled that, we’ll move on to the real issue at hand: let’s write.

Deep breath.

I’ve gone through a freeing and beautiful spiritual practice this morning. By reconnecting to myself and anchoring myself in my faith, I am able to flow through the day, feeling one with All That Is. It’s quite the feeling, you know.

Although life is never “perfect” (There’s no such thing anyways, is there?), I do call it just that. Perhaps life does not appear seamless or “easy”, but it does unfold in a synchronistic way – in a way that is perfect for the moment and for the bigger picture – if we let it.

My perspective is that we are all here to co-create these bountiful, harmonious lives of freedom. When we get to a place where we can allow our souls – our intuition and most inner beings – to lead the way, we experience clarity and certainty in a whole new way.

I have come to know that when one realigns themselves with the intentions of their soul, they propel themselves to make choices in all areas of their life from a place of spiritual integrity. Decisions are made naturally, aligned action is taken, and life flows.

So then it’s simple…right? Well, it certainly can be if one lets it be.

There’s also the pesky, yet quiet, little aspect of healing generational wounds, embracing all that you are and all that those before you were, while freeing yourself from carrying on old patterns set in your childhood or even set by your ancestors.

These are things that might sound intimidating or perhaps farfetched, but the point to it all is really simple: within you lies a beautiful connection to this universe – to your faith or whatever you have named it – and you hold the power to connect to it All. The question really becomes: will you?