Heavenly Christmas Morning


I’m sitting at this old wooden writing desk on Christmas morning; snow is gently falling outside the window next to me. As it lands on its fluffy bed, I feel comforted; I feel at peace.

This place, my parents’ little slice of heaven in the country, seems to do that for me. It brings a sense of clarity to my entire experience as a human – it reveals my true nature.

All that can be heard is the crackling of the fire in the background, my dog Ace sighing as he decides to go back to sleep, and the faint sounds of my mom rustling in the bathroom as she gets ready for the day.

As I sip my coffee and write, the rest of the members of our family begin to stir, happy and full from our late-night celebrations last night.

My dad tells me a story about a photographer who lives on forty acres of land and makes his living off of photographing the wildlife that journeys across the acreage.

I am thankful – for this day, for them, for you.

On this day, I wish you a Merry Christmas filled with life and love.

Until next time,